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Home Buyer Assistance

Metropolitan Housing Development Corporation’s grant or gifting program is designed to help provide down payment and\or closing cost assistance to qualified home buyers.

The purpose of the program is to help improve the quality of life and living conditions for the citizens of inner city, (urban core), Kansas City, Missouri. This program will allow additional opportunities for individuals and families to purchase owner occupied single-family properties in specified redevelopment areas.

Program Requirements

· A complete Application must be submitted for review.

· A personal interview is conducted with program staff.

· Applicant’s annual income must not exceed the current

  U.S. Median Income levels.

· Attendance of counseling sessions consisting of:

 1. Focus on responsibilities of home ownership,

     home ownership and maintenance costs.

2. Financial Planning, including a current and

    projected monthly budget, financial stability.

3. Credit, understanding credit bureau ratings.

    Guidance and assistance, or credit counseling for

    individuals with low credit scores.

4. Home loan financing, types of loans available,

    qualifying for a home loan, (employment, credit).

5. Home selection, price range, qualification areas.

· Property Inspections, home visit to applicant’s current

  home, (observe living conditions). Upon selection of

  the proposed purchase property, a mechanical and

  Housing Quality Standard inspection is completed.

· Proposed purchase home must be located in an inner

  city, (urban core), redevelopment area. (Kansas City,

  Missouri is current focal point area).

· Buyer must occupy the property as their principal


· A 3 year commitment for owner occupancy is required.

· Home loans must be fixed rate, with a maximum term

  not to exceed 30 years. Balloon notes or adjustable rate

  mortgages are not allowed.

· Maximum grant amount per individual or family is

  currently $ 7,500. 

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